The poppy, yet touching Neo-Reggae tune „The Sun Has Died“ is the third single of Berlin-based Tóke’s upcoming EP „The Art Of Letting Go“.

Over the past years, news media broadcasting about the so-called „Refugee Crisis“ has lead to a dangerous desensitisation towards the issue. It has disconnected many from the harsh reality that each one of those ‚numbers‘ is an actual individual human being.

„This song is inspired by the story of a close friend, who had to flee from home to start a new life in a completely new surrounding. I want to contribute to changing the narrative around the notion of flight by tapping into the psychological/ emotional landscape of an individual who flees from home. These human beings are often solely seen as a ‚number‘ or a part of one homogeneous group that is ‚the refugees‘. Many don’t understand the fundamental reality that we’re talking about individuals with an individual life story, with individual emotions, with individual perspectives. We need to change that.“

„The Sun Has Died“ is a powerful tune that takes on the challenging act of portraying the inner life of a human, who is forced to flee what is known and adapt to a completely unfamiliar world. It was Tóke’s deep concern to treat this topic with humility, grace and authenticity. Having a close friend who underwent these struggles be involved in the songwriting process helped Tóke in finding an authentic perspective on this sensitive topic.

This friend is also the main character of the accompanying Visualizer (Directed by Alex Kleis & Tóke). In this captivating, minimalistic visual we see actor Majd Saad unveiling his raw emotion in a stunning fashion, internally wandering through his past in the pure setting of the Brandenburg Forest in Germany.


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