Ascending like the Sky fire (sun) in the East, The Uprising Roots is borne out of Rockfort, East Kingston. Rising up with an assertive musical defiance, to bring forth a positive progressive change amongst humanity. This band of musicians’ mission is to use the power of their music to manifest this positive change. Uprising Roots is no ordinary band as they occupies the “Upper room” of reggae music and is dubbed as The “Element of Surprise”.
“Kush” Rashaun McAnuff (Drums/Lead vocal), was born into a musical family his father being the legendary Winston ‘Electric Dread’ McAnuff and his Uncle Dave ‘Makkaruffin’ McAnuff a professional drummer in his right. Kush started rehearsing with his Father’s band “Black Kush” while learning his skills by observing some of the best in the business, such as Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace, Sly Dunbar and Carlton Barrett. Kush has recorded and toured extensively with the “Inna De Yard all-stars” headed by musical director Earl “Chinna” Smith. Kush as the lead singer for the band is not your average drummer at all!
“Pot a Rice” Ruel Ashburn (Bass/Engineer/BV) started playing music at an early age at Mount Carmel revival church in St Andrew. His life was transformed at age twelve when he accompanied his Grandmother to convention and saw the church band spirited in action. His first interest was the drums, later moving on to learn the guitar, keyboard and eventually settling down with the bass. Inspired by the technique likewise simplicity of the legendary “Bagga Bass” on a visit to Tuff Gong studio with Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith. “Pot a Rice” is also the Engineer responsible for recording and mixing the bands’ debut album “Skyfiya” and has extend his mixing skills to other projects of his peers in the industry. He is CEO of his company Rice Field Productions.
“Junior Congo” Joseph Sutherland (Percussionist/BV)) started out as a Nyabinghi drummer, “Kush” on his musical journey met percussionist “Junior Congo” and it was decided to add some extra spice to the blend by bringing him into the band and since working with The Uprising Roots has been experimenting “outside of the drum” with various instruments, pot covers and whatever percussive he can get his hands on.
“Kimmy Gold” Kimberlyn Goldson, born in the garden parish St. Ann, attended the Run Away Bay All Age School prior to attending Browns Town High school. Kimmy as she’s affectionately called have been playing the keyboards since the tender age of three which was taught to her father, one of the core founders of the “Vital Roots” band which is based in Switzerland. Kimmy is a graduate of the College of Agriculture Science and Education where she studied in the faculty of education to become a primary school teacher . Because of her experiences working in the tourist industry as a musician along with her interest and skill in speaking a foreign language Spanish. Kimmy was asked by the principal of Ocho Rios primary to teach Music and Spanish. Two very exciting subjects in her native country Jamaica. Her musical skills have seen her playing at weddings and with band along the north coast in the hotels’ cabaret circuits. A musical daughter of Ethiopia that chants like king David and await Shiloh.
“Odane ‘Keysy’ Stephens” realized his love for music at thirteen years of age. This love of music lead him to attend Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts where he learned the fundamentals including his instrument of choice, the keyboard. Over the years he has played for reggae artists such as Sizzla, Ken Boothe, Lutan Fyah, Abyssinians, The Heptones and Junior Reid to name a few with his previous band Blue Hole All Star Band based in Canada. Odane has brought this passion and love for playing positive music, using it to teach equal rights and justice.

Harmony- “Patrice ‘QSoul’ Pinkney”, began singing out loud at the age of 5yrs old. Her parents recognized her talent, after her repeated renditions of Whitney Houston’s song, ‘The Greatest Love of All’. She started piano lessons from Prep School and engaged in school plays, the choir and school Pantomimes with Director, Cathy Levy. Performing made her happy and she carried this into her adolescence. Her teenage years were filled with memories of singing at church, High School functions and Weddings for family members and friends.The urge for singing continued, as
Patrice got older and she soon found her way around different studios, writing her songs, poetry, doing background vocal recordings and eventually recording her own songs. Her background in the studio lead her to performing for various artistes on stage, such as Sugar Minott, Turbulence, Nesbeth, AJ Brown, Farenheit, Jovi Rockwell & Ashley Martin, to name a few. It was clear that Patrice ‘QSoul’ Pinkney, was destined for a life in Entertainment. In 2015 she joined the Uprising Roots band and has been actively participating to this present date. Patrice ‘QSoul’ Pinkney, through her love for music, decided to start her Promotions company, “QSoul Promotions”. This company uses Social Media as its hub, to help Promote, Brand and Publicize young talent in Jamaica with hopes to venture out to International waters.She teams up with Kimmy Gold the band second keyboardist to form Uprising Roots harmony duo dubbed “The Highlightes.
LEGEND IN THE ROOTS MIX The Uprising roots is honoured to have some living legends of the Jamaican music industry as part of our ensemble, imparting their knowledge and skills as we move forward. These are respectively the pillars of reggae music, Winston ‘Bopee’ Bowen, guitarist, producer, songwriter, an extraordinaire international session and stage guitarist whom play with the likes of the great jamaican artist like Dennis Brown, Luciano and Beres Hammond just to name a few. He also produces records on his label Jobes Hill Records. He has played in groups with the likes of Dean Fraser, The Roots Radics, Lloyd Parkes and we the People band, The 809 Band and The Aggrovators for number of years. He was also a member of the Taxi Gang Band Aggregation led by Grammy winners Sly & Robbie who went on the Taxi Connection European Tour in with international reggae artists such as Yellow Man, Bunny Wailer and I Jah Man Levi. Veteran musician with many skills as songwriter, percussionist, arranger, vocal and producer. In the many number one hits he has played on “Money In My Pocket” Dennis Brown, “Ballistic Affair” Leroy Smart, “Yaho Yaho” The Jays.
THE UPRISING ROOTS Conceptualized on 1st January 2006 the band core members met by jamming as musicians playing together “Inna de Yard”. “Kush” recalls seeing Earl “Chinna” Smith, a friend of his father Winston McAnuff, a fellow veteran Musician ,that introduced him to Pot a Rice. Chinna said “si yuh drummer deh” a “Rice” had been looking for a drummer to work with. This gave birth to the initial seasoning of Drum and Bass been infused together Uprising style. Another veteran in the business that was influential on the band is Sugar Minott as It was at his studio that a lot of the early practice and rehearsals took place. It was here that they would meet to rehearse and from here the start of their performing together on shows with Sugar Minott. UR has Played on various artistes albums locally and internationally including; Gyptian, Lutan Fyah, Warrior King, Midnites’(Kings Bell), Nyorah, Ras Zacharri, Dax Lion, lenn Hammond’s Raw Soul. UR has release their debut album “SKYFIYA” on their TRU MUSIK RECORDS label which is distributed online by Zojak and is available on all major online distribution platforms world wide (Itunes, Amazon). This album debut at #40 on the Itunes Top 100 reggae chart and was listed in the top 10 best reggae album for 2011 by international reggae magazines, journalists and practitioners at large.
The Uprising Roots Band suffered a tragic and dramatic loss in June 21st 2011 as our headquarters crumbled to ashes after a fire. Our camp was where the band called home and worked many long hours on our craft. Here is where we also recorded our first full-length album Skyfiya. There are many memories embedded in each square foot of the property. The loss though, will not stop the group from putting out good music as we are now ready to launch “Black To I Roots” our 2nd album recorded at Tuff Gong Studios. “Time”, “Trench Town” and “Might Can’t Beat Right” are three releases from this forth coming 13 track album.

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