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Artist On The Rise – Malakiyah Aka The Feather Boss ,Lets Check Out His Musical Profile ..

As  it resolve to persistence  and ethics we should acknowledge this star in the making, where they are makers of music and players of instruments Malakiyah is one that should not be over looked.
Garfield O’Neil Blake also known as Malakiyah fell in love with music and realized his passion for the craft at the tender age of 10 years old. His Musical Inspirations are Dennis Brown, Niney the Observer, Luciano, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and Marcia Griffith. Garfield O’Neil Blake was born on October 16, 1977 in a little district called Enfield in East St. Mary. He is a pass student of Enfield Primary & Junior High School. His mother Dorothy Blake and Father Malachi Blake is his inspiration for the pursuit in music. Malakiyah is the 10th of twelve (12) siblings Malakiyah’s career as an artiste really began when he entered the popular local T.V talent show called Rising Stars; although his journey on the show was short lived he got the publicity that he needed to continue on his musical journey.
Malakiyah goal and desire is to get the opportunity to spread his music and his positive vibes on the highest level to make a difference in the industry. Unique in his own way Malakiyah will maintain is persistence in the industry.
Malakiyah is not only blessed with the gift of melody but is gifted in writing his own lyrics and is inspired by current events and his personal life. He desires to spread positive messages through his music to up lift his brothers and sisters. And to let world know that there is hope despite the tragedies that they may see happening.
Malakiyah is now promoting his hit single  Burning,  along with Book of life,Free and more. He recently makes his way to the mainstream on several interviews and ready to uplift the nation.

Like seriously di song bad bad bad nuh Bloodfire . Shenseea , a fairly new but  solid as any  Dancehall female in the game as we speak, so right now I do hope you all love this one like I do. Hey, she trying something hot right now,

Afro – Dancehall with a hint a Pop .

Shenseea – Shatta


Its the sensational Jamaican dancehall diva, Shenseea who teams up with the African Dancehall King, Shatta Wale on this brand new dancehall song titled “The Way I Move”.

Pepsi Brown -half Egyptian/Nubian and half European/German

Pepsi Brown is a lyricist and activist. He is never tired and ever busy, flowing his dancehall and dub poetry-like verses on reggae versions, dancehall, hip hop, trap, and grime beats. The new album ”Shadows of the Past“ is dedicated to listeners that seek knowledge and entertainment. It takes you on a musical and historical journey to the original dancehall of the 80’s and 90’s and back to the present and right into the future.
Pepsi Brown started singing dancehall/reggae in 1998. He is well known for his catchy hooks and smart lyrics. The singers’ a.k.a name Da Nubian Don Pon Microphone relates back to his mixed heritage, half Egyptian/Nubian and half European/German. As a member and representer of the African diaspora he honors his royal ancestors. The setting is urban and his voice postcolonial.

Talented New Artist – Keishera // USA / Jamaica

With a voice described as “Anita Baker meets Sade”, singer / songwriter Keishera James exudes pure sexy, soulfulness. Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Keishera’s sound perfectly fuses the heartbeat of her Jamaican heritage with a heavy R&B influence. The epitome of Reggae-Soul, her raspy alto voice seductively delivers lyrics that tug at your emotions while Neo-Soul blended Rock-Steady melodies, seamlessly will your body to groove.

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