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My name is Dennis Hopwood otherwise call Fannah once name Tawrus, my genre of music is Reggae Dancehall. I am from Spanish Town, St Catherine Jamaica W.I. When I just started doing music in the year 1995 the feedback was great, my songs were very inspirational to people. I have been on shows such as Teen Splash and community events.

Since then, the politics which surrounds the music industry in Jamaica has led me to stop singing and deejaying for six years. As it relates to politics, conscious music to make an impact on the lives of people have never gotten airplay, rather, it has been music which degrades society’s people. This has always been negatively influencing current generation and generation to come. Now it’s time to make a change, it’s time to live my dreams.

Currently, I have two singles coming out titled “Journey” and “Gallice Anthem.” My mission is to campaign in the streets, visiting radio station for air play and ensuring that my genre of music is broadcasted over different media worldwide.

My manager Colisa Campbell and road manager Omar Tingling has always been my support. I have discovered that music has been a journey and it will always continue to be a journey in my life.

General Jah Mikey

Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, General Jah Mikey, born Michael Mitchell, has manifested the title, “Lyrical Ambassador” from over two decades of musical experience and vocal talent. Jah Mikey’s alluring sonorous tone and melodic style have expanded his capacity, and he is gifted with more than just Rasta appeal. In addition to his lyrical and rich reggae sound, Jah Mikey has recorded in many musical genres, including Jungle, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Hardcore, and House. His sultry singing style is a colorful combination of dancehall, lover’s rock, hip hop, jazz and R&B.
As early as age eleven Mikey was absorbing the craft of making profound music with a studio apprenticeship with the legendary King Tubby. In 1985, by the age of seventeen, he had his first published recording on Mozziyah Records, and the following year came to America for his first US tour.
General Jah Mikey has performed on numerous sound systems that include, Zodiac, Kilamanjaro, Class One, and King Jammy’s. He has toured coast to coast in the United States, and has made his way into the Virgin Islands. Mikey’s vocals have graced the labels of Jammys, Tappa Records, Adamari Records, Jungle Riddim Records, and his own label, Jah Sky Muzik. Within the last couple years, Jah Mikey has been working with celebrated and diverse artists such as, X Clan, Sammy Dread, The Roots Radics Band, Pinney Woods, Dr. Dre, Winzell Kelly of the Darmatics, Junior Reid, The Scientist and dubstep pioneers Rusko, 12th Planet and Datsik.
Combining his multifarious music styles, his resonant enchanting voice, longevity in the scene, and his charismatic stage presence, General Jah Mikey has enriched, and will continue to contribute a thundering amount of quality to, the music scene. In 2013 is a huge year for General Jah Mikey with the release of his newest studio album, Original Yard Food on Zion High Productions as well singles from Jungle Riddim Records and many more.

Bigga Haitian

Bigga Haitian is known as the first Haitian singer to break into the Jamaican reggae scene, tearing down national and cultural walls and paving the way for the next generation of Haitian artists.


K’Coneil is a Native of Montego Bay Jamaica where he grew up in the small town of Granville. He developed a love of music at the very tender age of 4 when he began to sing in church as most singers do. At the age of 16 he migrated to the United States on a soccer scholarship where he attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance however he never lost his crave to be on stage performing. Over the past 6 years K’Coneil has work with an array of producers in an attempt to find his niche in music while covering all genres. Presently he is committed to fulfilling his dream of being one of the best singer/performer’s in music and representing his country to the fullest!

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