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Dotta Coppa .. New Single – We Love Dancehall

Dotta Coppa –   from Jamaica, a former member of the famous Gaza Crew around Vybz Kartel, just released the music video to his new single „We Love Dancehall“ produced by Dancehall Station from Germany. Dotta Coppa also called „Son of the King“, because of his likeness to the legendary King Yellowman, worked with the producers while his trip to Germany in 2017. The song was produced at the home base studio of Dancehall Station which is also a well known party series in Essen (Germany) with shows of Aidonia, Alkaline, Tommy Lee Sparta and many more. The video was shot at the „Dancehall Station Beach Party“ in a natural beach & swimming pool area called „Naturbad“ in Germany.

Pepsi Brown -half Egyptian/Nubian and half European/German

Pepsi Brown is a lyricist and activist. He is never tired and ever busy, flowing his dancehall and dub poetry-like verses on reggae versions, dancehall, hip hop, trap, and grime beats. The new album ”Shadows of the Past“ is dedicated to listeners that seek knowledge and entertainment. It takes you on a musical and historical journey to the original dancehall of the 80’s and 90’s and back to the present and right into the future.
Pepsi Brown started singing dancehall/reggae in 1998. He is well known for his catchy hooks and smart lyrics. The singers’ a.k.a name Da Nubian Don Pon Microphone relates back to his mixed heritage, half Egyptian/Nubian and half European/German. As a member and representer of the African diaspora he honors his royal ancestors. The setting is urban and his voice postcolonial.

Talented New Artist – Keishera // USA / Jamaica

With a voice described as “Anita Baker meets Sade”, singer / songwriter Keishera James exudes pure sexy, soulfulness. Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Keishera’s sound perfectly fuses the heartbeat of her Jamaican heritage with a heavy R&B influence. The epitome of Reggae-Soul, her raspy alto voice seductively delivers lyrics that tug at your emotions while Neo-Soul blended Rock-Steady melodies, seamlessly will your body to groove.

Bryan Art “Can’t Cut Wi Vibes”

“Can’t Cut Wi Vibes” is the latest track from BryanArt and is the second single slated to be included on Bryan Art‘s upcoming EP. Produced by G-Block Records, this track conveys a sentiment of national pride from a Jamaican perspective and whilst sure to score big with Nationals and  lovers of Jamaican vibes, it will no less stimulate cultural awareness everywhere….Listen

Snoop Dogg Set To Make Surprise Career Move In 2018

In a move that should probably be contextualized by the fact he smokes around 81 blunts a day, Snoop Dogg has declared that he is giving up hip hop and launching a gospel career.
He told Billboard that 2018 will the year he enters the gospel genre as he prepares for a major rebrand.
“I have always wanted to try Gospel,” he said. “This may surprise some people but all I gotta say is get ready for some ‘good for your soul’ music in 2018!” 
It comes after he released his reggae album Reincarnation in 2013 and adopted his Rastafarian-inspired stage name Snoop Lion. The Good Reverend Dogg, anyone?
In the interview he also opened up about his plans for the Christmas period.
“My family and I really just relax and enjoy time with each other,” Snoop added. “The year is always hectic for us so we just chill out. We don’t have any fancy traditions but our holiday is all about good food, good company, and good music.
“My family all comes together to help out but my wife, Boss Lady, always leads the way. She’s an amazing cook and pulls it all together for the holidays. We sometimes have family over to hit the BBQ as well. Nothing like a Dogg family Christmas meal!”
The rapper is no stranger to controversial announcements, back in November Snoop posted a photo on Instagram which sees him standing next to a dead man with a ‘Trump’ tag on his toe.
The image appears to be the final cover to Snoop’s upcoming album, Make American Crip Again.
As you will expect, the picture caused some controversy among Snoop’s Instagram followers, with some warning the rapper that his action might have consequences.
“Expect that phone call from big brother,” one said. “I don’t support trump. Doesn’t mean I want him dead,” said another.
Of course, there were plenty of people who supported Snoop, with one commenter saying: “Say what you will Right Wing Nuts… but that’s gangsta!!”
Oh well, I guess if the gospel thing is to be believed then he could be sacking that kind of shit in, in order to find God.

Hempress Sativa: Unconquerebel


The long awaited album UNCONQUEREBEL by Hempress Sativa will be released on January 7th of 2017. With hits like “Fight for your Rights”, “Twisted Sheets”, and “Rock it inna Dance”, this album is sure to inspire.

Pre-order the album now at

Iyah Ingi

iyahingiYilmie Williams or Iya Ingi, as he is more popularly known by his fans, hails from the community of Mona Common, St. Andrew Jamaica. It was there he got his first taste of the true Reggae and African music that now captivates and plays such an important role in his life. Iya credits his “Afro-Centric” music and state of mind to his father who is an avid activist in the 12 Tribes Rastafarian Organization. His father exposed him to the melodies, sounds, lyrics and mannerisms that helped to shape the strong, empowering, educational, inspirational, powerful and sometimes controversial lyrics that seek to shake up and unearth the core issues affecting African, Jamaican & Black people.

Iya Ingi breathed, slept and ate music, as discussed in his single Foundation. Inspired by his children to aspire for greatness, in the same way he looked up to his father, he wants to have the same lasting impact on not only his children but the many people of the world. His motivation, drive and eclectic blend of melodies and conscious, positive lyrics in his music has also been influenced by musical icons such as Jacob Miller, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley and Freddy McGregor.

It is to no surprise that Iya’s energetic and captivating delivery as well as the musical content has taken roots with many and this has allowed him to tour America, Canada and Europe. Iya has also been afforded the opportunity to perform alongside other talented artistes such as Ken Boothe, Lutan Fyah, Demarco, Protoje and others. Currently, Iya Ingi is meticulously working on his debut album slated to be released in February 2016, titled African Pride, which includes the title track of the same name.

Iya purports that in his music he seeks to convey a message that will help to shape the thought processes of many and have a lasting impact on the future generations. This is not surprising as the name Iya, based on 12 Tribe and Rastafarian culture, means stepping higher and higher. Higher realms, higher heights of awareness, higher levels of consciousness, higher states of reality and life.


Cure fest
Phase One
Conscious Reggae Party
Memories with Ken Booth
* International shows*
Shoot Me Film Festival – Holland
Bob Marley Birthday celebration -Canada (Forum Night Club)
Fyah in Den with Lutan Fyah – Sullivan Hall New York

Woodstock – NY in August & September
Brooklyn, NY – August
Phillip Sherlock lunch hour – October, Kingston, JAMAICA

Grip Wrench

gripwrenchGrip Wrench is a veteran singer and song writer from Western Jamaica who has shown much talent over the years. After these long years of toiling to make a chart hit, he is even more resolved today in getting his elusive dream of becoming a headline singer someday soon. Continued perseverance has shown that his ambition is still alive. He has now set up his own recording business Elite Production on which he has made a compact disc with three songs. Track 1 is Nuh Kill Dem by (Grip Wrench) followed by Naah Stop Try by (Nature Slang) and Dem Come Hype Up a collaboration with (Brilliant) . Grip Wrench’s life story began in the parish of St. James (Jamaica, W.I.) where he attended the Granville Basic School from where he went on to Harrison Primary School. His scholastic activities terminated at Catadupa All-Age. Even though singing was the only thing he wanted to do for his life, Grip Wrench realized that he had to get some form of livelihood until his recording ambitions blossomed. He became a radio technician. Screwdriver, the man who shot to the top of the charts in the late 80s with a single called (Sharon A Pregnant Yu Pregnant) was the man who Grip Wrench used to work together with. One day while they were together, a young woman looked at him and said, if him a Screwdriver, then you must be (Grip Wrench).His real name is Garfield Almando Woodstock. the strongest influence that began Grip wrench’s singing career came from Pliers and Pinchers two prominent Jamaican singers both with tool names. His first time in a studio was some time in the late 80s when he recorded (In Your Eyes) on the Top Rank records label. In fact, his next two recordings (Track of My Tears) and (All My Life) were done on that same label which is owned by Mr. Elon Robinson the man who Grip wrench credits for giving him his biggest push in the music business. (Puppy Love) was Grip Wrench’s next effort on the Crazy B Records label and (Knock Knock) on the Jack Scorpio Records label before he took a long hiatus in the music business only to return in 2003 with the right attitude and approach. His biggest show was (All School Jam) after which he toured Canada in 1992 for a series of shows. On his return Grip Wrench records his debut album (Real) on the Victory One Records label and a number of shows. His favorite singer of all time his (Burning Spare), his favorite color yellow, and favorite food Veg, Ackee and Salt fish. In his spare time, he plays some cricket.

My songs are clean and uplifting to the mind.

Hempress Sativa

1f1faae78879d79edbe36072cb5446a4The instant she steps unto a stage, she commands the attention and respect of the audience, with an uncanny ability to keep all listening as they absorb her every word, every rhyme. Kerida Johnson known as Hempress Sativa was born to Rastafarian parents Doris-Ray Johnson and legendary Jamaican Selector /Musician Albert ‘Ilawi Malawi’ Johnson of the Jah Love Sound System. It was her exposure to music at home that sharpened her skills and has manifested today in her expressive writing and delivery.
Hempress Sativa, who has been performing since the age of 13, with lyrics spiritedly influenced by her Rastafarian culture, as conveyed in her song “Judgement” in which she begins by chanting “No More Illusion, Rastafari is real …. Her music although generally rooted in traditional reggae rhythms, also at times, crosses genres and may reflect traces of Rhythm and Blues, African and even Hip-Hop influences as evident in the Anthem “Jah Have Mi Back”. Singles such as “Get High” and “Children of the Emperor” have been creating a buzz both locally and internationally, exemplifying her musical agility as a melodic singer and a lyrically skilled DJ. Sativa lists her musical favourites as Sade, Sister Carol and Ijahman Levi, to name few.
She has worked with artists such as Micah Shemaiah, Sugarcane and the East village pharmacy, Bread (from Chalice) and producer Jahnoi Nunes. Dubbed “Hempress Sativa: Your Highness”, she intends on premiering her Ep in 2013, then the Album to be titled “UnconqueRebel Lioness” which is already near completion for its debut in the later part of said year.
An artiste to definitely watch, after an electrifying performance at the recently held Revel Salute 2013 earlier this year-listen out for her latest single “Marching Outta Babylon” produced by J.O.E/ Flow factory and her feature in Backayard Magazine for the upcoming issue of 2013.
Hempress Sativa is an extraordinary young talent, propelling Jamaican music into the future while strongly remaining rooted in a traditional foundation that makes her music timeless.

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