gripwrenchGrip Wrench is a veteran singer and song writer from Western Jamaica who has shown much talent over the years. After these long years of toiling to make a chart hit, he is even more resolved today in getting his elusive dream of becoming a headline singer someday soon. Continued perseverance has shown that his ambition is still alive. He has now set up his own recording business Elite Production on which he has made a compact disc with three songs. Track 1 is Nuh Kill Dem by (Grip Wrench) followed by Naah Stop Try by (Nature Slang) and Dem Come Hype Up a collaboration with (Brilliant) . Grip Wrench’s life story began in the parish of St. James (Jamaica, W.I.) where he attended the Granville Basic School from where he went on to Harrison Primary School. His scholastic activities terminated at Catadupa All-Age. Even though singing was the only thing he wanted to do for his life, Grip Wrench realized that he had to get some form of livelihood until his recording ambitions blossomed. He became a radio technician. Screwdriver, the man who shot to the top of the charts in the late 80s with a single called (Sharon A Pregnant Yu Pregnant) was the man who Grip Wrench used to work together with. One day while they were together, a young woman looked at him and said, if him a Screwdriver, then you must be (Grip Wrench).His real name is Garfield Almando Woodstock. the strongest influence that began Grip wrench’s singing career came from Pliers and Pinchers two prominent Jamaican singers both with tool names. His first time in a studio was some time in the late 80s when he recorded (In Your Eyes) on the Top Rank records label. In fact, his next two recordings (Track of My Tears) and (All My Life) were done on that same label which is owned by Mr. Elon Robinson the man who Grip wrench credits for giving him his biggest push in the music business. (Puppy Love) was Grip Wrench’s next effort on the Crazy B Records label and (Knock Knock) on the Jack Scorpio Records label before he took a long hiatus in the music business only to return in 2003 with the right attitude and approach. His biggest show was (All School Jam) after which he toured Canada in 1992 for a series of shows. On his return Grip Wrench records his debut album (Real) on the Victory One Records label and a number of shows. His favorite singer of all time his (Burning Spare), his favorite color yellow, and favorite food Veg, Ackee and Salt fish. In his spare time, he plays some cricket.

My songs are clean and uplifting to the mind.