My name is Dennis Hopwood otherwise call Fannah once name Tawrus, my genre of music is Reggae Dancehall. I am from Spanish Town, St Catherine Jamaica W.I. When I just started doing music in the year 1995 the feedback was great, my songs were very inspirational to people. I have been on shows such as Teen Splash and community events.

Since then, the politics which surrounds the music industry in Jamaica has led me to stop singing and deejaying for six years. As it relates to politics, conscious music to make an impact on the lives of people have never gotten airplay, rather, it has been music which degrades society’s people. This has always been negatively influencing current generation and generation to come. Now it’s time to make a change, it’s time to live my dreams.

Currently, I have two singles coming out titled “Journey” and “Gallice Anthem.” My mission is to campaign in the streets, visiting radio station for air play and ensuring that my genre of music is broadcasted over different media worldwide.

My manager Colisa Campbell and road manager Omar Tingling has always been my support. I have discovered that music has been a journey and it will always continue to be a journey in my life.