Christopher Williams( born February 8,1980), also known by his stage name R.Embassida. A well known up and coming Jamaican Artist. Christopher was born in Kingston and grew up in Kingston 11. His mother migrated to another country so he later moved to Linstead, St Catherine. Christopher attended Rosemont All-age and McGrath High school. Williams enjoyed singing , and making music and was inspired by such musical artist as Bob Marley, Sizzla Kolonji, Bounty killer and Shabba Ranks. In 1997 Christopher then migrated to the United States where he furthered his study and love for music. He later returned to his homeland Jamaica and continued to pursue his long life dream of music.

Derrick, Christopher buddy and classmate for over 20 years saw extraordinary talent not forgetting great potential in Williams. Derrick encouraged Williams to go after what he loves and reach his full capacity. Brown went on and started a label called White Dove Record with Williams as the deejay.

In 2012 Christopher Williams recorded the singles Why, Rough Times and Crime Stop. That was a definite accomplishment for Williams. His songs was now playing on the radios, airing on Television programs and much more all across Island.

As Williams continue to stay focus and humbled fulfilling his lifelong dream of music will always be his number priority. Christopher strongly believes great music can help uplift the nation and bring them together with much love, peace and unity.