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As the first of three children, Mitch started showing signs of artistic talent at an early age - whether he was drawing some comic book heroes or real life images or singing at church with the choir. It was
Tall Rich
Tall Rich was born in the East of Jamaica, in December 1969. In Jamaica he attended Morant Bay School. Tall Rich always has music around him growing up, as his grandmother was a person who sang at wakes. Another
Hempress Sativa: Unconquerebel

The long awaited album UNCONQUEREBEL by Hempress Sativa will be released on January 7th of 2017. With hits like "Fight for your Rights", "Twisted Sheets", and "Rock it inna

Karamanti has been creating music since she was eight years old. Falling in love first with rap (or hip-hop), then embracing Dancehall and now passionate about Reggae. In spite of the fact that she has been
Tony Prophit

Tony Prophit, A man of culture and integrity. Musically inclined with great ability and potential, Towards uplifting the minds of the universe, By his music and character.
During my younger stage in life,

Voice of the ghetto! Melodic singer.
Jahllano sings righteous music with intent to uplift ghetto youths.


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