Frankie Be Good aka Frankie Bee was born in Jamaica, but currently live in the US. His music styling is hardcore reggae beats couple with words of love and wisdom.

He starts his musical career rapping at local high schools in Jamaica, but it was disrupted when he was issued a visa to live in the USA. While living in New York, he was able to link up with a sound system in Harlem, and again entered in the music business performing at college concerts. Frankie Bee next musical journey took him to his current resident and Caribbean melting pot Fort Lauderdale.

Shortly after arriving in Fort Lauderdale he linked up with Jam Hill Studio. While in the studio doing a dub plate for a local DJ, he ran into Freddie McGregor who complimented him on his song and style, and told him that he can have a future doing music if he takes the business seriously.

Frankie Be Good took Freddie’s advice, and linked up with One Love Production to complete his first EP “Tell Me Who.” His next musical adventure was to remix and release “My Sweet Lady” formally “She Is Mine”

Frankie Bee is now taking a more serious approach to music and has promise to live by the statement “Do music to share an experience not for popularity.” He vows to write only clean conscious songs about his experience so that others may learn from his mistake and gain success.

Frankie Bee second release is an EP called “Life, Love and Experience. This five track EP was one of the hottest commodity in the Fort Lauderdale area and has gotten good reviews internationally. The CD has tracks like “My Sweet Lady” the lady’s favorite, “If You Wanna Go” and the much talk about “UR the Only 1” which is still getting played internationally. All tracks are available on Itunes, Amazon and several other online stores. In the first half of 2015 Frankie Bee has released songs like “Party Night” and the ladies favorite “Baby Come To Me”. His latest Single is “You Bring Me Joy” which is getting played locally and in Europe.

He was featured in the Jamaican Star and Observer in the month of April 2015 and has been nominated for the Best Lover Rock Singer by The Lady Flava Show. Frankie is busily promoting his songs around the Fort Lauderdale areas and was recently on a show that feature acts such as Kashief Lindo, Twiggi, Marcia J. Ball and others.

His songs can be heard on Pandora, Jango airplay, Spotify, and YouTube. For more information on this bright talented rapper, please visit his website at or see Press Kit at He also has his band page “Frankie Be Good” on Facebook. You may follow him on Twitter @iamfrankiebee and frankiebe.good on Instragram.