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As the first of three children, Mitch started showing signs of artistic talent at an early age – whether he was drawing some comic book heroes or real life images or singing at church with the choir. It was clear from then where his path would be in life.

‘’My father gave me an acoustic guitar for my eight birthday and he taught him how to play. I was blessed growing up in a music environment, where my father’s record with singers like Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Mahalia Jackson, Maya Angelou, Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson would spin daily on the turntable. Actually I used to listen to a lot of other music than reggae, which wasn’t so normal. Besides going to church on Sundays me, my brother and sister would attend television-
and radio-programs for kids and by the age of ten, I wrote my first song”.

One evening after attending a volleyball tournament while heading home on a bus Mitch was happily singing and when a lady in the bus heard his voice and asked him if he would like to be a part of a group, his whole life changed and a new exciting chapter began. ‘’The group didn’t know much about harmonies – except for me, so I was given the task to teach them. A.R.P. started doing cabaret at hotels just to improve on our craft and after few years we entered a talent contest and came second. The prize was to record at 321 Cell Block Studio in Kingston for the well-known producer Syl Gordon, who at that time had stellar artists like Buju Banton, Shabba Ranks and many others connected to the studio. We began to draw the interest of producers and popular artistes and within a few years later we had our first hit and then another and another, “it was the best years of my life”.

His time with ARP not only sharpened his vocal skills, but also cultivated his collaborative approach to music, one that is shared by great singers and producers alike.

Citing a diverse collection of vocal influences including R. Kelly, Akon, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Babyface, Mitch singing is an international hybrid of different styles and musical influences, which also affects his song writing.

Today Mitch is an accomplished artist, who has worked with reggae music’s heavyweight producers Sly & Robbie, Donovan Germain, Don Corleone, Mickey Bennett, John John and of course Buju Banton.

His latest album ‘’Lucky’’ is produced by the creative forces of Pharfar and Jahdil and being released on the Copenhagen based Icedrop Rec. it fully shows Mitch’s artistic versatility and many

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Tall Rich

Tall Rich was born in the East of Jamaica, in December 1969. In Jamaica he attended Morant Bay School. Tall Rich always has music around him growing up, as his grandmother was a person who sang at wakes. Another strong influence came from his Uncle, who is known in the music industry as Uplifter.  Uplifter was a powerful & inspiring singer who through his Rastafarian culture spread his knowledge and teachings of Rastafari Livity through his music. He grew up around singers like Everton Blender, Sluggie Ranks, Trevor Sparks, Frankie Paul and Chuck Fender. He had performed live stage performances with artistes like Beres Hammond and Judy Mowatt.

He moved to Europe in hope of better prospects for his music career and found himself settling in the UK and continuing to write his own material. Since being in the UK he has worked in several studios and been involved in numerous live performances & recordings.

Tony Prophit

Tony Prophit, A man of culture and integrity. Musically inclined with great ability and potential, Towards uplifting the minds of the universe, By his music and character.

During my younger stage in life, Music has been a passion of love. Through-out all inspiration of Jahoviour, Also by sharing in reasoning with people, I intended to invest my knowledge by writing and expressing of music.

As a born Jamaican, my major goal in life is to lead by example, and remind the world of their importance and purpose of who they are today. The messages and songs of Tony Prophit are all fully established to create a world around you, From within you.


Photo taken by Elo Die from Nat&Elo Vibes

Karamanti has been creating music since she was eight years old. Falling in love first with rap (or hip-hop), then embracing Dancehall and now passionate about Reggae. In spite of the fact that she has been making music for most of her life, she only began to pursue it as a career in 2011. Currently regarded by many as one of Jamaica’s best female lyricist, Karamanti writes her own songs and operates her own record company; Blakkwuman22 Music. []

Karamanti has been creating music since she was eight years old. Falling in love first with rap (or hip-hop), then embracing Dancehall and now passionate about Reggae. In spite of the fact that she has been making music for most of her life, she only began to pursue it as a career in 2011. Currently regarded by many as one of Jamaica’s best female lyricist, Karamanti writes her own songs and operates her own record company; Blakkwuman22 Music. []


Take Me Away ArtWork

Voice of the ghetto! Melodic singer.
Jahllano sings righteous music with intent to uplift ghetto youths.

Jay Bankz

Hailing from Portmore in St. Catherine Jay Bankz (given name Jason Daniels) was born to parents Yvonne and Fitzroy. Jay Bankz called “Bankz” by friends, was raised by his Continue reading

Singa Vytal

singavytalStenneth Waugh, a.k.a,Singa Vytal, was born on july 12 in Manchester Jamaica. He first attend the Cumberland all age school in the parish, but later move to live in Kingston after his grandmother with whom he was living died.

He started attending the Denham town secondary school in kingston at age 12.

He made strides in his education endevers progressing at every stage at Denham Town. In grade eleven he met mark myrie a.k.a buju banton his class mate

Upon graduating from Denham Town he moved to live in Old Harbour St Catherine where he got his first oppertunity to showcase his talent, singing at a church concert in his community but was not strucked to become an artist.

He began to take music seriously when he visit the Zion Yard studio in his community. He did his first song “Sad Ending, in 2011 he entered the jcdc festival song competition and again in 2012 to date he has done numerous songs too much to be named.

Vytal enjoys listening to Buju Banton, Dennis Brown, R. Kelly and other artistes

R. Embassida

Christopher Williams( born February 8,1980), also known by his stage name R.Embassida. A well known up and coming Jamaican Artist. Christopher was born in Kingston and grew up in Kingston 11. His mother migrated to another country so he later moved to Linstead, St Catherine. Christopher attended Rosemont All-age and McGrath High school. Williams enjoyed singing , and making music and was inspired by such musical artist as Bob Marley, Sizzla Kolonji, Bounty killer and Shabba Ranks. In 1997 Christopher then migrated to the United States where he furthered his study and love for music. He later returned to his homeland Jamaica and continued to pursue his long life dream of music.

Derrick, Christopher buddy and classmate for over 20 years saw extraordinary talent not forgetting great potential in Williams. Derrick encouraged Williams to go after what he loves and reach his full capacity. Brown went on and started a label called White Dove Record with Williams as the deejay.

In 2012 Christopher Williams recorded the singles Why, Rough Times and Crime Stop. That was a definite accomplishment for Williams. His songs was now playing on the radios, airing on Television programs and much more all across Island.

As Williams continue to stay focus and humbled fulfilling his lifelong dream of music will always be his number priority. Christopher strongly believes great music can help uplift the nation and bring them together with much love, peace and unity.

General Smiley

generalsmileyIn the late 70’s, while still in high school, Erroll Bennett (General Smiley) teamed up with Anthony Fairclough (Michigan) to make up what would be a duo for the history books called Michigan & Smiley. The two were among the first dual toasters on the Jamaican scene and would go on to record for some of the most renowned studios of Jamaican reggae history over classic riddims which still rule the dancehall today. They recorded #1 hits like Rub-A-Dub Style, Nice-Up the Dance, Diseases, Sugar Daddy, and One Love Jamdown. Many artists of the golden era of Rub-A-Dub have unfortunately passed in recent years. Most of the remaining ones have stopped recording new material and perform infrequently if ever at all. There are only a handful of veteran artists who have kept themselves in superior physical shape and are able to continue this rigorous lifestyle in music. But the ageless General Smiley continues to record new, fresh, and relevant material like this great song Make a Change featuring Sgt Remo.

Since 2005 General Smiley has been progressively forging ahead his career as an independent solo artist at times teaming up with unlikely artists and producers. The fruitful results are evident in his recent works. This exceptional video production, directed and filmed by No Reservation Productions, is one example of his visionary approach to music. For this combination General Smiley teams up with, not a Jamaican producer, but a fairly unfamiliar name. The track was produced by Cuban born producer Pedro Hernandez who today resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. On this song Smiley collaborates with another unlikely personage. The Mexican born, U.S. raised, reggae artist Sgt Remo adds an irreplaceable element to this already encouraging and elevating song. His lyrics and striking voice gracefully compliment the General’s renowned talents.

General Smiley is as fresh as ever, only slowing down to share his lifelong experiences with the future of reggae music. Smiley has become a mentor to multiple young artists and producers like Sgt Remo. He seems to truly enjoy, or fulljoy as some would phrase it, paying forward his experiences and lessons-learned with those who seek his guidance. It is only natural and very suitable to invest in the future of reggae. Although in the minds of some, the name General Smiley might be a sweet memory reminiscent of the classic songs he helped deliver decades ago, Smiley has no thoughts of slowing down or disappearing into the history books. Look out for fresh, new material from General Smiley as well as a healthy dose of live performances throughout the U.S. Smiley is as full of life as ever!


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