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Jay Bankz

Hailing from Portmore in St. Catherine Jay Bankz (given name Jason Daniels) was born to parents Yvonne and Fitzroy. Jay Bankz called “Bankz” by friends, was raised by his Continue reading

Singa Vytal

singavytalStenneth Waugh, a.k.a,Singa Vytal, was born on july 12 in Manchester Jamaica. He first attend the Cumberland all age school in the parish, but later move to live in Kingston after his grandmother with whom he was living died.

He started attending the Denham town secondary school in kingston at age 12.

He made strides in his education endevers progressing at every stage at Denham Town. In grade eleven he met mark myrie a.k.a buju banton his class mate

Upon graduating from Denham Town he moved to live in Old Harbour St Catherine where he got his first oppertunity to showcase his talent, singing at a church concert in his community but was not strucked to become an artist.

He began to take music seriously when he visit the Zion Yard studio in his community. He did his first song “Sad Ending, in 2011 he entered the jcdc festival song competition and again in 2012 to date he has done numerous songs too much to be named.

Vytal enjoys listening to Buju Banton, Dennis Brown, R. Kelly and other artistes

R. Embassida

Christopher Williams( born February 8,1980), also known by his stage name R.Embassida. A well known up and coming Jamaican Artist. Christopher was born in Kingston and grew up in Kingston 11. His mother migrated to another country so he later moved to Linstead, St Catherine. Christopher attended Rosemont All-age and McGrath High school. Williams enjoyed singing , and making music and was inspired by such musical artist as Bob Marley, Sizzla Kolonji, Bounty killer and Shabba Ranks. In 1997 Christopher then migrated to the United States where he furthered his study and love for music. He later returned to his homeland Jamaica and continued to pursue his long life dream of music.

Derrick, Christopher buddy and classmate for over 20 years saw extraordinary talent not forgetting great potential in Williams. Derrick encouraged Williams to go after what he loves and reach his full capacity. Brown went on and started a label called White Dove Record with Williams as the deejay.

In 2012 Christopher Williams recorded the singles Why, Rough Times and Crime Stop. That was a definite accomplishment for Williams. His songs was now playing on the radios, airing on Television programs and much more all across Island.

As Williams continue to stay focus and humbled fulfilling his lifelong dream of music will always be his number priority. Christopher strongly believes great music can help uplift the nation and bring them together with much love, peace and unity.

General Smiley

generalsmileyIn the late 70’s, while still in high school, Erroll Bennett (General Smiley) teamed up with Anthony Fairclough (Michigan) to make up what would be a duo for the history books called Michigan & Smiley. The two were among the first dual toasters on the Jamaican scene and would go on to record for some of the most renowned studios of Jamaican reggae history over classic riddims which still rule the dancehall today. They recorded #1 hits like Rub-A-Dub Style, Nice-Up the Dance, Diseases, Sugar Daddy, and One Love Jamdown. Many artists of the golden era of Rub-A-Dub have unfortunately passed in recent years. Most of the remaining ones have stopped recording new material and perform infrequently if ever at all. There are only a handful of veteran artists who have kept themselves in superior physical shape and are able to continue this rigorous lifestyle in music. But the ageless General Smiley continues to record new, fresh, and relevant material like this great song Make a Change featuring Sgt Remo.

Since 2005 General Smiley has been progressively forging ahead his career as an independent solo artist at times teaming up with unlikely artists and producers. The fruitful results are evident in his recent works. This exceptional video production, directed and filmed by No Reservation Productions, is one example of his visionary approach to music. For this combination General Smiley teams up with, not a Jamaican producer, but a fairly unfamiliar name. The track was produced by Cuban born producer Pedro Hernandez who today resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. On this song Smiley collaborates with another unlikely personage. The Mexican born, U.S. raised, reggae artist Sgt Remo adds an irreplaceable element to this already encouraging and elevating song. His lyrics and striking voice gracefully compliment the General’s renowned talents.

General Smiley is as fresh as ever, only slowing down to share his lifelong experiences with the future of reggae music. Smiley has become a mentor to multiple young artists and producers like Sgt Remo. He seems to truly enjoy, or fulljoy as some would phrase it, paying forward his experiences and lessons-learned with those who seek his guidance. It is only natural and very suitable to invest in the future of reggae. Although in the minds of some, the name General Smiley might be a sweet memory reminiscent of the classic songs he helped deliver decades ago, Smiley has no thoughts of slowing down or disappearing into the history books. Look out for fresh, new material from General Smiley as well as a healthy dose of live performances throughout the U.S. Smiley is as full of life as ever!

Brigadier Jerry

Russell was born in the Papine area of eastern Kingston in 1957, and he became interested in music at an early age, initially linking with U Roy’s King Stur-Gav Hi-Fisound system.[2] Jerry’s earliest stage appearances were as a young man performing stand-up comedy, but he soon switched to deejaying for local sound systems. He became a member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel organization’s Rastafarian branch by 1978[3] and spread their message on the Jah Love Muzik sound system.[2] By 1980, Brigadier Jerry was one of Jamaica’s most sought-after performers by sound systems across the island, and a well-respected deejay among his peers. He recorded for Studio One in the early 1980s before having his first hits with “Pain” (on the Answer/Never Let Go riddim) and “Gwan a School” for producer Delroy Stansbury on the Jwyanza label in 1982.[1][2] His first album was the live recording Live at the Controls in 1983, and his debut studio album,Jamaica Jamaica, was released in 1985.

Jerry also nurtured the career of his sister, who performed and recorded as Sister Nancy.[2]

Briggy (as he is affectionately called) often chats verses directly from the Bible, and preaches against the evils of slackness in dancehall music when performing. He attributes his unique pattern to melding together the styles of a few artists who came before him, including U-Roy, Prince Jazzbo, Big Youth, and Dennis Alcapone.[4]

Jerry has recorded six albums over the years, but the bulk of his career has been spent touring the world, as well as Jamaica, performing over countless sound systems. He still records the occasional single, most recently for the Ranking Joe label, but remains primarily a live performer (mostly for King Sturgav). He is considered by many to be U-Roy’s greatest student; a stable which includes Ranking Joe, Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin, U Brown on down to modern-day deejays such as Buju Banton.

He has lived in New York with his wife and children between 1988 and 1991 before returning to Jamaica and performing again on the Jah Love Muzik sound system. In the late 1990s, U-Roy revived his Stur-Gav sound and Jerry returned as a touring deejay.[5] He is now based in the United States.


One of Dancehall’s fastest Rising Singjays; A former protege of Dancehall giant Aidonia, who is known for his unique voice, savvy lyrics and the hit song “Chillin’ Time”, Navino is a dancehall legend in the making.

Navino aka Ricardo Fraser was born in Annotto bay St. Mary. He went to Buff Bay High School in Portland Jamaica. He is well known for his hook phrase “Nuh Seh A Word”.
Navino was previously (2011) a member of the label Jag One Production Company for which Aidonia is the head. He later left that camp and landed a controversial deal with the late Patrick “Roach” Samuels and Justus Arison of JA Productions. After almost a year under their wing, Navino then went on to create his own outfit, namely Cyaa Tame Records, with his latter road manager and long-time friend, Delon “Deluxx” Graham.

Navino is known for songs such as, “Party mi Seh” and a lot more.
One of his biggest singles is “Chillin Time” which was released on the Overproof Riddim in August 2011. He also has a slew of noteworthy songs such as “If its not Money” and “Real Friends” both produced by Seanizzle Records, “Wine Up Fi Mi (Making Love)” produced by Anthony Records, “Bag a Gyal” produced by Johnny Wonder on the 21st Hapilos label and many more.

Among his recent releases is a reggae single produced by his own label, Cyaa Tame Records titled “DNA”. This song has recently been released on iTunes and is currently enjoying favourable airplay on local frequencies. He is currently working on a studio album for this label and has plans and new artistic directions for 2014.


“Music, if not to give praise unto the Most High, give comfort to the spirit and share truth, would be for vanity, selfish ambition and inevitably amount to naught. So I sing for the King.” – Jah9

Old school blues improvisation, meets hard hitting lyrical prowess, in a rich imaginative blend of vocal clarity and complexity. She sings with a voice that belies the dimensions of her physical body, from a soul much older than its current vessel. Her philosophy is profoundly spiritual, and her style is Jazz on Dub. Her style is Jazz on Dub. She is Janine ‘Jah9’ Cunningham, the third and final addition to the ministry of Reverend and Mrs. Cunningham. Her mission and music are inspired by a resolute reverence, and a determination to inspire and uplift mind and soul.

She spent her childhood in Trelawny, a rural parish on Jamaica’s west coast, rooted in traditional values and a rich cultural heritage. Upon moving with the family to the dog eat dog world of Kingston city life, the innocent writing of a curious youngster transformed into the indignant battle cries of a defiant revolutionary.

Growing up, Jah9 was taught, by example, about Christ as a consciousness, more so than a fearsome man on high who would one day render judgment. Then in University, she not only began her love affair with the heavy basslines and steady drum beats of Dub and Roots music, but also with the teachings of His Majesty. Her evolution was gradual but intensified consistently, resulting in the inevitable surrender of financial security and a “prized” place among Jamaica’s corporate community to the guiding principle of her calling, toward the Kingdom. Now, as a woman, instead of the slaughtered Lamb, the preacher’s daughter hails the Conquering Lion, the Christ with a new name, Haile Selassie I.

Jah9 has refined her craft over decades of singing on every choir available to her. She has also been a staple on Jamaica’s underground poetry and live music scenes. Her vocals resonate with a blend of textures – the emotion of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone, with the sharp cutting edge of Sizzla Kalonji, on top of heavy Dub rhythms akin to Augustus Pablo and King Tubby. The resulting signature sound has led to collaborations with platinum selling producer Donovan Bennett of Don Corleon Records, Sheldon Bernard, and living legend Beres Hammond of Harmony House Music.

Jah9’s debut album – New Name – is her labour of love, a declaration of truth and her testimony of the journey toward self-actualization. The product of a great synergy with renowned Producer and now faithful friend, Rory ‘Stone Love’ Gilligan, New Name is proof that another servant of truth & light has discovered and accepted her mission.

Iyah Ingi

iyahingiYilmie Williams or Iya Ingi, as he is more popularly known by his fans, hails from the community of Mona Common, St. Andrew Jamaica. It was there he got his first taste of the true Reggae and African music that now captivates and plays such an important role in his life. Iya credits his “Afro-Centric” music and state of mind to his father who is an avid activist in the 12 Tribes Rastafarian Organization. His father exposed him to the melodies, sounds, lyrics and mannerisms that helped to shape the strong, empowering, educational, inspirational, powerful and sometimes controversial lyrics that seek to shake up and unearth the core issues affecting African, Jamaican & Black people.

Iya Ingi breathed, slept and ate music, as discussed in his single Foundation. Inspired by his children to aspire for greatness, in the same way he looked up to his father, he wants to have the same lasting impact on not only his children but the many people of the world. His motivation, drive and eclectic blend of melodies and conscious, positive lyrics in his music has also been influenced by musical icons such as Jacob Miller, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley and Freddy McGregor.

It is to no surprise that Iya’s energetic and captivating delivery as well as the musical content has taken roots with many and this has allowed him to tour America, Canada and Europe. Iya has also been afforded the opportunity to perform alongside other talented artistes such as Ken Boothe, Lutan Fyah, Demarco, Protoje and others. Currently, Iya Ingi is meticulously working on his debut album slated to be released in February 2016, titled African Pride, which includes the title track of the same name.

Iya purports that in his music he seeks to convey a message that will help to shape the thought processes of many and have a lasting impact on the future generations. This is not surprising as the name Iya, based on 12 Tribe and Rastafarian culture, means stepping higher and higher. Higher realms, higher heights of awareness, higher levels of consciousness, higher states of reality and life.


Cure fest
Phase One
Conscious Reggae Party
Memories with Ken Booth
* International shows*
Shoot Me Film Festival – Holland
Bob Marley Birthday celebration -Canada (Forum Night Club)
Fyah in Den with Lutan Fyah – Sullivan Hall New York

Woodstock – NY in August & September
Brooklyn, NY – August
Phillip Sherlock lunch hour – October, Kingston, JAMAICA

Tashina Mckenzie

tashinamckenzieSome people like to sing or wish to sing but I need to sing, it is the very air that I
breathe. My music is my all. After all I didn’t ask for  his talent, it was given to me
for a reason. I believe is to inspire the hearts of people worldwide just as how
others before me have done. The way I see it I have got nothing to lose, this is my
passion, I believe that I have a message to impart to others through my music, I
believe it is one of the main purposes I am alive and on-earth today, I am a
Singer/Songwriter/Performer. I am Tashina Mckenzie, and this is my story.

Ever since I was a little girl, I used to always pretend that I am a superstar just like
the ones in the music videos I used to watch. I used to make-believe that I’m
onstage with my mop stick as my microphone or with my hair brush in front of the
mirror #LOL 🙂 A lot of people keep on telling me I have a really good voice, my
friends and even people I don’t know at schools at home I was always the
entertainer, people would pay me to do songs for them and crowds would gather
around me. Sometimes while at school, I used to skip class and go into the
bathroom and put on a mini stage shows, teachers would put me up to do songs at
devotions and special school functions.  I was always singing, every day and all the

My favorites were Maria Carey, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton and Celine Dion
locally Bob Marley, Shaggy, Beenie-man and Diana king; This fantasy had stuck
with me throughout my childhood years and I started writing songs by age 12 this
too continued into my teens and I actually did my first recording at the age of 15 at
the Tuff Gong Recording Studio in Kingston. Though I enjoyed singing for people
I enjoyed singing for myself even more because it was made me feel special and
different and I knew that this was my talent.

In 2005 my older brother Romeo McKenzie died and it impacted me greatly and
so, I wrote a song about it (scared and terrified) with the melody in my head; but it
wasn’t until 2008 that an official recording of this was done. I never stopped
writing songs and I never stopped singing, I couldn’t, it has always been my saving
grace, when I’m down I sing to lift me up and when I’m up singing keeps me up, it
is and have always been my comfort and my special friend that nobody can ever
take away. I sing every day and at every chance I get.

In 2007 I had made the first step to starting an official career in music when I
entered The Digicel Rising Stars competition talent show which saw over a
thousand contestants. I was placed in the top ten and in the finals, I placed 6th.
This exposure gave me national recognition and exposed to many new fans,
including, the internationally renowned song writer and music producer Mikey
Bennett, who took an interest in my music career.

I became a part of the Grafton Music Family where I learnt all about the music
business and I was groomed and tailored to be a professional in the industry. It was
here that we recorded “Scared and Terrified” along with a number of other singles
such as “Naw Lef” and “Concerned Citizen which features Queen Ifrika and also
“Naughty Eyes” Ft. NickyB. In 2010,  I recorded a few EDM songs with a
producer in France “Dj. Blue “Have Some Fun” and Bad Gal Whine these were
featured on the Album “Caribbean Spirit”” these songs received a lot of attention
and was being heavily rotated on radio this and helped to popularize the name
“Tashina” in France and other parts of Europe.

In 2012 entered the Jamaica Festival Song Competition celebrating Jamaica’s 50th
Anniversary of Independence with an Original song entitled “Jamaica Beat Dem
Bad” with this song,  I won second  place and also walked away with the sectional
prizes of” best performer” and Top Favorite by the voting polls. In 2015, I entered
Magnum Kings and Queen Dancehall Talent competition and made it to the semi-
finals. This was also a nationally televised show which gave me even more
exposure and popularized my song original song “Naw Lef”

By this time, my craft and artistic qualities were developed as a fully capable and
competent recording and performing artiste. I had been working with producers
like Dean Fraser, Patrick Roberts and several others. I had done over 20 singles
inclusive of covers and more collaboration with top acts such as Merciless and
Sizzla Kalonji.

Today, I have earned the respect of several top musicians, producers and artistes
in the industry and have been given commendations by many of my been told on
countless occasions that I have a real talent some of the best ears in the industry so
I decided to give it my all, everything that I’ve got, I’m not giving up, I am going to
claim what is mine. Follow me, watch me… join me as I fulfill my


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