I was born in Kingston, Jamaica. I began my singing career in the 1980s on the legendary “Black Star” sound system in Kingston. I later moved on to perform and record with King Jammys. I recorded my first number one hit single entitled “Come Back To Me” on the Winston Riley label, Techniques, featuring Tiger. Other hits include “Greatest Gal Lover” featuring Daddy Lizard, “Can You Stop the Rain”, “Ready Or Not” and “Sensi” with Josie Wales.

In the early 90s I teamed up with singer Anthony Red Rose and we started our own music production label “How Yu Fi Say Dat” named after my hit song with Sly and Robbie on the Taxi label. Together we recorded and produced the first number one hit for Beenie Man called “Wicked Man”. Other number one songs include , “Report To We” Sean Paul, “Quarter To Twelve” Simpleton, “Bag Juice On Base” Fabby Dolly, “Dun Wife” Cobra, “Antichrist” Captain Barky, “Guns and Roses” with Bounty Killer, Redrose and myself.

Music is my life, so I continue. I am currently on a promotional tour for my new songs “Ungrateful” and “Spoil Fi Mi Woman”, with many more to come. Stay tuned!!