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Frankie Be Good

Frankie Be Good aka Frankie Bee was born in Jamaica, but currently live in the US. His music styling is hardcore reggae beats couple with words of love and wisdom.

He starts his musical career rapping at local high schools in Jamaica, but it was disrupted when he was issued a visa to live in the USA. While living in New York, he was able to link up with a sound system in Harlem, and again entered in the music business performing at college concerts. Frankie Bee next musical journey took him to his current resident and Caribbean melting pot Fort Lauderdale.

Shortly after arriving in Fort Lauderdale he linked up with Jam Hill Studio. While in the studio doing a dub plate for a local DJ, he ran into Freddie McGregor who complimented him on his song and style, and told him that he can have a future doing music if he takes the business seriously.

Frankie Be Good took Freddie’s advice, and linked up with One Love Production to complete his first EP “Tell Me Who.” His next musical adventure was to remix and release “My Sweet Lady” formally “She Is Mine”

Frankie Bee is now taking a more serious approach to music and has promise to live by the statement “Do music to share an experience not for popularity.” He vows to write only clean conscious songs about his experience so that others may learn from his mistake and gain success.

Frankie Bee second release is an EP called “Life, Love and Experience. This five track EP was one of the hottest commodity in the Fort Lauderdale area and has gotten good reviews internationally. The CD has tracks like “My Sweet Lady” the lady’s favorite, “If You Wanna Go” and the much talk about “UR the Only 1” which is still getting played internationally. All tracks are available on Itunes, Amazon and several other online stores. In the first half of 2015 Frankie Bee has released songs like “Party Night” and the ladies favorite “Baby Come To Me”. His latest Single is “You Bring Me Joy” which is getting played locally and in Europe.

He was featured in the Jamaican Star and Observer in the month of April 2015 and has been nominated for the Best Lover Rock Singer by The Lady Flava Show. Frankie is busily promoting his songs around the Fort Lauderdale areas and was recently on a show that feature acts such as Kashief Lindo, Twiggi, Marcia J. Ball and others.

His songs can be heard on Pandora, Jango airplay, Spotify, and YouTube. For more information on this bright talented rapper, please visit his website at or see Press Kit at He also has his band page “Frankie Be Good” on Facebook. You may follow him on Twitter @iamfrankiebee and frankiebe.good on Instragram.

Best Fire

This high-energy, lyrically versatile and crowd pleasing artist, Best Fire aka Lyndon Best was born in the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Best Fire has participated in music in different ways from steel pan to parkway, but he is passionate about writing and performing his original soca, reggae and dancehall tracks which feed his ever growing catalog of songs.

Since immigrating to the United States from Trinidad, Best Fire produced his own first solo album called “Smoke,” which is available for download on iTunes. He has had the opportunity to perform at fashion shows, college campuses, clubs and venues in Toronto, Washington D.C, and around New York City. He has performed on music trucks in the NYC West Indian Day Parade every year for the past 8 years delighting crowds of masqueraders and spectators alike with his personality and vocal performances. In the 2016 parade he debuted his new Soca hit “Bam Bam” with Suga Candy Mas Band, this year’s 2016 West Indian Day Parade medium band 2nd place winner.

Best Fire enjoys regular radio airplay rotation on many FM stations and internet radio sites. His music reaches people in and outside of the United States including countries like Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, France, Canada, England, Costa Rica and Jamaica . Best Fire can often be heard giving numerous radio interviews on programs broadcast all over the world.

This multi-layered artist enjoys creating a diverse musical portfolio and represents the many sides to his personality. His original Reggae songs “Loving That You Bring” and “Every Mornin'” represent his love and respect for women in his life. His newest dancehall track “Step It Out” shows his loyalty to his friends, and two new soca tunes “Bam Bam” and “Come Gyal” remind everyone that this artist is Trini to D Bone!

Check out Best Fire on iTunes album “Smoke” Other social media info: Instagram @bestfire3


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Tyrical is a Jamaican songwriter, performer and producer.  He currently works with Tyrific Records, which is a partnership with Dave Wallace, a Jamaican born U.S. based entrepreneur. His current song “Can’t Believe” is getting heavy rotation on several radio stations in Jamaica, elsewhere in the Caribbean and Overseas.

Tyrical was born Michael Harris in Barbican, Jamaica in 1976. He says the rough streets of Barbican was like a University and prepared him for a career in the tough Jamaican Music Industry. His foray in the music industry began at the tender age of 13 years when he linked up with long- time friend singing sweet. Even on the cusp of his teenage years, Tyrical displayed skills that would later usher in a life as an artiste, song writer and producer. He used his many talents to help Singing Sweet with his song writing skills, stage presence and delivery.

At age 17 Tyrical was to get his first major hit when he penned and sang “Youths from the Street” for Producer Colin “Fat” Walters in 1995. The song received a lot of airplay and went on to achieve major success on several charts in Jamaica and overseas. The success of the song gave Tyrical well needed exposure and financial rewards, and opened doors that would have otherwise been closed, including opportunities to work with legendary Jamaican Music producers Stevie and Cleevie. During that time he also formed a close friendship with Baby Wayne, who he still regards as one of the most talented deejays he has ever met.

During the mid to late 90s, Tyrical continued to hone his skills at Freddy McGregor’s ‘Big Ship’ Records, where he later met Mr. Vegas who was an aspiring ‘singjay’. The two became close friends and worked on projects such as the song “Dry Weather House”.  He also helped Mr. Vegas to write the breakthrough song “Heads High.”

In 2002 Tyrical was to achieve even greater success as a song writer after he penned the Dancehall classic “Sufferer” for Bounty Killa. He went on to form a close alliance with Bounty Killa and wrote several other song for the Dancehall legend, including “Dem Bow” and “Dem a lie”.

He also wrote songs for other artistes including Mavado, Elephant Man, Mr. G, Monster Shack Crew, Terror Fabulous and Sugar Minott. However, in many instances he was not officially credited for many of the songs, even though several of them went on to become major hits locally and overseas.

Following the death of his mother in 2005, Tyrical decided to focus on his career as an artiste. He said he did not make this move for material gains but to get the recognition he believes he deserved as a writer/producer who helped to launch the career of other major Dancehall and Reggae Stars.

In 2010, Tyrical scored big with the song “Want my own”.  “Want my own” stayed on several local and international charts for many weeks and gave Tyrical the exposure he desired. The song revealed stories about the selfish side of many of the artistes whose career’s Tyrical helped to steer. It also spoke to his determination to achieve success in the often unforgiving, cut throat industry as well as the setbacks he faced as an artiste who decided to tread the humble, less hype route.

Now under the management of his childhood friend, Dave Wallace, Tyrical is determined to continue to use his multiple talents to improve Reggae/Dancehall Music and take them to the heights they were destined for.



Jermaine “JayEDGE” Williams was born in Chapelton, Clarendon on March 15, 1990. He moved to the parish capital May Pen at the age of five where he went to the Hazard Primary school. Music for the entertainer began at the elementary school stage, but church played a major role in developing his skills as a musician. JayEDGE started on the drums in church, sang on the choir, and then eventually, with no formal training, started playing the keyboard, one of the first instruments he personally owned.

The entertainer has always had the gift of performing and this was evident throughout his time at Hazard Primary School and Denbigh High School. In his time at Denbigh he was affiliated with the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) from which he received numerous medals both for his school and as an individual. He was also a finalist in the JCDC children’s gospel finals at a young age.

Having completed high school, without a doubt the entertainer chose to pursue a degree in Music Education at Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts (EMC). At EMC JayEDGE completed the preliminary qualifying year and was enrolled in the bachelor’s program. His schooling was deterred as a result of worthwhile opportunities in the music business. It was at EMC that he became a part of the band Kuttin Edge which resulted in the name, ‘JayEDGE’. The band currently goes by the name “The Subkonshus band”- affiliated with popular dancehall/ reggae artist Konshens. JayEDGE was a keyboardist in the Mystical Revolution Band and the Warrior Love Band also the lead singer at the Whyndham Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica. JayEDGE has left the live music scene to pursue his artist career.

After his premature exit from EMC, JayEDGE ventured into the producing aspect of the music and started to compose his own music. This lead to songwriting and his first official single “Love the Way You Move”, which recording artist Sanjay collaborated on. JayEDGE is a music producer, singer, song-writer and a musician; he wears all three hats, and is currently establishing his own record label.

JayEDGE is a reggae artiste and an instrumentalist which makes him flexible enough to venture into other genres. “Good & positive music” [as quoted by the artiste] is what this talent has to offer to the music industry and is persistent in doing so. Many performances can be expected from JayEDGE as he’s able to accompany himself both on the guitar and on the piano. JayEDGE’s biggest musical influence is Bob Marley, he however has respect for local artistes such as Dennis Brown, Beres Hammond and John Holt; international influences are veterans such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Bolton and Fantasia Barrino.

The artiste released a video for his single “Mek It Play/ Cashpot” in 2014 produced by himself and Kingyard productions. The video was shot by film-maker Kirk Wright. The song and video has gained much traction in the Caribbean since its release.

“My musical foundation and early experience in music is what gives me the edge that is missing from the career of many artistes in the industry and sets me apart immeasurably.” -JayEDGE

Spade Again

Nicholas Brown a/k/a Spade Again, formerly Spade, born, August 25. Hailing from a small Village in Spanish Town area in Jamaica, as so many of our famous artists has emerged from.

At the age of nine he discovered he had a singing talent to which he was chosen to become a part of his then church choir in his home town. He sang in the Church Choir, and travelled from church to church, which went on into his school years as he sang and sang. Since then he has been performing at concerts and small shows, including live television to rave reviews. His biggest highlight came at the age of nineteen when he entered the Munamar Contest in

November 2008, where he emerged the winner. He continues to trill people with his rich, subtle and reminiscing voice that cannot be mistaken. His writing skills which allows him to put things so real and identifiable puts him the category to become a big star.

His first song release called “Trust In Me” with a company called Stylic Records. The song was played on Irie FM for about two months. Since then he approached Ajang Music Productions for representation. He recorded songs such as “Waiting Patient”, “Jamaica”, “Better Life” “ More Life” on the Ajang Music Productions to name a few. He has new releases such as “So Fortunate” on the Mixing Lab Label, One Drop on the Ajang Label, Confusions, on the Love & Unity Music Production Label, these songs are available on ITunes, and will be in stores soon.

Spade Again, is looking for his big break and there are signs, hopes and aspiration that this will happen very soon.

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